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A Healthier Drinking Solution: Glass Bottles

As our knowledge of the world grows and changes, many families are choosing to live their life in a way that is more conscious of the environment. At the same time, we are developing more knowledge about the things that we put into our bodies every day, so many families are also choosing to change the types of things they eat or drink. With all of what we have learned, people are trying to find different ways to enjoy their food and drink in a more conscious way. One of the easiest things to replace, that benefits both the earth and the human body, is what you drink out of. Moving to better drinking vessels, made from glass, is easy for every member of the family.

From the moment your child takes their first drink, if you’re a bottle feeder, you can be using a glass baby bottle for optimum health and wellness. Glass water bottles are easy to clean and sanitize, and they are also free of BPA which can be harmful to your baby. Glass bottles can be reused for every baby, as they withstand the test of time far better than any plastic bottle ever could.

Once your baby has graduated from the bottle, they can move on to a bigger kid cup. Glass sippy cups are a wonderful step to bridge the jump to a regular glass cup or water bottle. If you’re concerned about giving something made of glass to a young toddler, many companies sell great silicone sippy cup sleeves. Silicone sleeves help the sippy cup stay firmly in your child’s hand, and if they do happen to drop it, the silicone sleeve is bumped instead of the glass. After your toddler is completely done with the sippy cup stage of water bottles, they can move straight up to a regular glass cup or water bottle that is in a smaller size.
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Grown adults and kids who are fully capable of cup drinking have a wide variety of options for glass drinking cups and bottles. There are all kinds of cool glass water bottles and cups with multi-colored silicone sleeves that can be found both online and in stores. If diffusing fruit into your water is your thing, glass fruit diffuser water bottles are great to take on the go, especially to work or school. There is no reason to be bummed out about water with how many exciting options you can have using glass drinking bottles.
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When you know better, you do better, and so many people are using their knowledge about the world and the human body to make better choices for their families when it comes to what they drink from. Glass bottles are available for every member of the family, and can start you out on a healthy and more eco-friendly lifestyle.