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Why Sell Your House for Quick Cash?

If you’re one of those thousands of people out there who need to sell your home asap, you probably already know by now that your best available option is to sell it to a cash buyer. Obviously, it’s not the traditional way of selling a property and offering your house to a company that buys it in cash has its disadvantages, but why are we still talking about it? In this post, we’ll help you figure out if this really is the right option for you and we’ll do that by discussing the advantages.

1 – You can get your cash the quickest way possible.

The first and most obvious advantage is the fact that you get cash whenever you sell your house to an investor. You already know by now that dealing with individual buyers who are in need of financing or bank assistance is something that will take a very long time to consummate. Furthermore, offering your house to an individual buyer in a conventional real estate deal also means having to wait for weeks or even months for a loan approval and then facing so many paperwork to read and sign. We’re not even talking about the burden of the back and forth negotiation process with buyer’s agents, which can take its toll on you, the seller. Thanks to the availability of a cash buyer, you now have another option in which you don’t have to go through the usual processes.

2 – You get to skip the process of appraisal contingency.

Another clear advantage of selling your home without a realtor is that you no longer need to have an appraisal contingency. This is one of those thing important things that many homeowners are unfortunately unaware. Direct cash home buyers are not required to go through this process, which in turn means that the time needed to sell your home is substantially reduced. Furthermore, this advantage also means that you likely will prevent problems associated with buyers who need a loan before they can purchase your home.

3 – It will take lesser time to close the sale.

Yes, it is quite true that selling your home the usual way, such as the willingness to negotiate with every kind of buyer out there as well as the interest to work with a buyer’s agent will give you a better opportunity to sell it for price you’ve always wanted. But then again, do not expect to sell it in a week or two since typical buyers will need at least 30 days to secure a loan.

So, you just have to accept the fact that going the traditional road will never be your best option if your primary objective in selling your home is to get cash as quickly as possible. With a cash buyer, closing is possible in a week or so.
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